Mojocastle Press

Enslaved by Blood

The gods were dead, everyone knew that, so why was Alayna wasting her time in attending the ceremony at the temple? No one had seen or heard from the gods in over a hundred years. Still, all she had to do was attend the ceremony, put her childhood behind her and she could leave the village once and for all.

Deed Wife

A Deed Wife, a fate no respectable woman wanted to face, yet the final battle at Culloden had changed the face of the world forever. With the aid of an ancient magic the rule of the English had been overthrown and now the clans ruled their newly held lands with an iron fist.

Green Dreams

Lily fell in love with the garden the moment she saw it. The overgrown bushes and untended trees spoke of possibilities. When a mythical being appeared in the garden, Lily found herself not only seeing the potential within the garden, but also the latent passion within herself. Will Lily learn to believe that the creature before her and the love it offers is real and not a dream?

Unsated Desires

Karissa enjoys men and what they can do to her body, but when it comes to commitment, she's totally hands off. The strong-willed owner of her own garage, she's used to not only having to hold her own with men, but to fight off those who try to make her into a homebody. It's never going to happen.
A bet with a girlfriend forces her to reexamine her priorities in the man department, along with her latest interest, Jack. Is it really them...or is it her?

His One

The black panther shifter Theron was dangerous. He was everything Emmie had been warned about. He oozed sex appeal and walked into her world with only one purpose. To mate with Emmie and then walk out of her life for good. She knew better than to become his scratching post. Touching him. Kissing him. Dreaming about him. It was all wrong. So why couldn't she shut him out of her mind? Or out of her heart?