Mischief Books

  • Sex & the Stranger

    New erotica from Charlotte Stein, Justine Elyot, Terri Pray, Aishling Morgan and Elizabeth Coldwell and many more. There are some people you want to seduce, or be seduced by, so badly that nothing can hold you back. There might never be a second chance, and you only live once... A train commuter trapped between two hot passengers discovers fantasy can become reality, in public ... Emma cruises the aisles of a supermarket for a service that comes free to those with more passion than restraint ... When Natalie danced naked by the light of the moon, she had no idea she was not alone

  • Submission

    A Treasury of Women who Like to Give In The thrills of power games and the pleasure of surrendering to the will of another. New erotica short stories by Charlotte Stein, Primula Bond, Willow Sears and Rose de Fer. Whenever Cate is summoned to her boss’s office, the door remains closed for a very good reason ... The rules are very explicit whenever Matilda visits the gentlemen of the Windsor Club ... At the manor, the thrill for Saskia is a rare kind of obedience ...

  • The Swap

    Explicit Stories from the World of Swinging Brand new stories from Monica Belle, Charlotte Stein, Madeline Moore, Lisette Ashton and many more. Swinging couples, threesomes, groups, that first time and the lifestyle: an explicit collection of those who like to share and be shared in the modern taboo-breaking world of swinging. When Tia and Ryan holiday with Kay and Sean, more than their sex lives are changed forever ... Sophie trusts a special kind of instinct about the couple she meets in a bar ... Lucy’s eager trip to the woodshed has a sting in the tail she never anticipated ...