Loose Id

Curvaceous Heart

Fast approaching forty, Sue still struggles every time she looks into the mirror and sees her own well curved and padded reflection staring back at her, instead of the size four model figure she’s seen plastered across count...


Although these titles are related, they may be read in any order and stand on their own. When the pack Alpha made it clear that Megan was the one for him, Megan left her home and her family behind. For years she’s avoide...


For a woman scarred, the city held no answers, and home was filled with questions she preferred to avoid. Now something is calling Simone home. A soul-deep tug she doesn't understand. And instead of pain and derision, she's caught up in the passion behind a pair of hazel eyes. Her mind spins scenes of sensual delight -- pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. He seems to want her, but is she just setting herself up for one more fall?

Scratching Post

The black panther shifter Theron was dangerous. He was everything Emmie had been warned about. He oozed sex appeal and walked into her world with only one purpose. To mate with Emmie and then walk out of her life for good. She knew better than to become his scratching post. Touching him. Kissing him. Dreaming about him. It was all wrong. So why couldn't she shut him out of her mind? Or out of her heart?

Shadows of the Past

After the loss of a submissive to suicide years ago, Michael has kept things simple. He finds a play partner for scenes; no commitments, no relationships, no talk of love. Clean and simple, until he's assigned to protect Lily from a stalker. Beautiful, creative, and challenging, she threatens to turn his world upside down if he doesn't keep his desires under control.

Take Down

To Kyle, a job is just that, a job. But when Mistress Lyn walks onto the stage in a Las Vegas BDSM club, Kyle understands that this isn't going to be easy. This is a woman who doesn't want to return home, and his job is to take her back regardless of what she wants. Strong, sassy and a walking challenge, none of that is the real problem. It's the way his body reacts to her presence that's another matter entirely.