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Oysters & Chocolate: Erotic Stories of Every Flavor

A mouth-watering anthology from the creators of the popular online destination for women's erotica. The naughty masterminds serve up a tasty anthology like no other. It's for readers who crave the classic, creamy taste of smooth vanilla; who like the sting of a bittersweet whip of black licorice; who delight in a cocktail with a dirty twist; who prefer the succulent taste of a sweet-scented oyster.

Surrender: Erotic Tales of Female Pleasure and Submission

Rachel Kramer Bussel's bestselling books of submissive women and dominant men showcase our fantasies, desires, and deepest wishes. For those (and there are MANY) who love to be tired up, spanked, blindfolded, bound, or "used," for another's pleasure, these are books of inspiration. And, of course, these smart subs are getting exactly what THEY really want in very many ways.

Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories

From a distinctly female perspective, lovers — committed and otherwise — explore the many ways oral sex can be an act of love, tenderness, and devotion, or a pure and unabashed sexual act. Readers will revel in the emotion and sensuality of this collection of stories, written by some of today's top erotica writers with the aim of creating full arousal.

Seduction (Black Lace)

From the enthralling gaze to the masterful kiss, this anthology will draw readers into a sinfully sensual world where the urge to seduce or be seduced is irresistible. Written by women at the cutting-edge of erotica and given an evocative modern setting, each stylish story explores the timeless fantasy of giving in to temptation. Elegant, feminine, and alluring, this collection will leave readers longing to surrender again and again.

Lust at First Bite

An arousing collection of short stories about the sexiest spectre of them all - the Vampire. The vampire's reputation has enjoyed a massive resurrection in fiction in recent years. Boosted by the popularity of True Blood and Twilight, the immortal bloodsucker has never been sexier or more perfect for erotica.