About Me

Originally from England, Terri Pray’s work of over 100 published novels, novella’s and short stories spans multiple genres and publishers. From Fantasy to Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance through to Erotic Romance, World Building for RPG’s and straight out Erotica – it would be fair to say that Terri hasn’t met a genre that she isn’t willing to explore or better yet, blend with another genre and a dash of warped British humor.

Happily married to Sam – her husband of 17 years, she’s now one of three members of the Final Sword Production team – where Terri not only attempts to turn game geek into English, but also heads up the fiction imprint, Under the Moon. Final Sword Productions has been a staple in the CoreCon dealers room since year 2. As a company they work with several literary licenses including S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse and David Weber’s Honorverse.

With her EiC hat in place, she offers a helping hand to the authors she signs, teaching them the joys of the editorial Gibb’s smack – tempered with good humor, a smile and sometimes a shoulder. Terri freely admits to being happily insane, but what else could she be when she juggles writing, editing, and a company, with marriage and two children still at home.